Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Wonderful World of Slow Cooking

If you are a busy mother with children who can't be left alone in a room for more that 10 minutes. (My 2 year old is a walking tornado who takes advantage of being left alone to do the most damage!) Then slow cookers will become your new best friend.

I never wanted a slow cooker. I like to take time to make my food and invent new dishes. I love cooking! With my other children I never had any issues. They would sit and play while I was in the kitchen and nothing major would occur. With my current 2 year old, I walk into the kitchen and I walk right back out to find him touching the computer or disconnecting something. (Last time he flicked all the keys off the keyboard from my laptop.)

Because of this, the slow cooker has become my new best friend. I chop and gather all the ingredients once the kids fall asleep and first thing in the morning I place everything in the slow cooker. Now dinner can cook all day without having to worry about my little terror tearing the house apart. I still get to make my own inventions in the kitchen but I don't have to spend all those long hours in the kitchen to get my dishes done. Last nights creation was Double Chocolate Stout slow cooked ribs. It was a big hit! The icing on the cake: Dinner is always ready when my husband gets home and it still tastes like I was slaving away all day.


  1. Alexandra MartinezMarch 5, 2012 at 11:32 PM

    Just saw this and thought how the rice cooker took me through school and living alone. I began with a Cuisinart model and have now graduated to a digital cooker that can be set to cook up to four hours on "soup mode". I've even baked cakes on it! Can you share some slow cooker recipes to try?

  2. I will be adding a recipe tab on here that will definitely include slow cooker recipes.