Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Saving Money (Part 2)

I know it's been a while from Part 1, but I took a small vacation and now I am back and things are back on track. I hope in that time you had a chance to try out Saving Star. It is now August so a whole new array of coupons are up. 

OK. So today I will be talking about Ebates. This is one of my favorite shopping sites to get cash back. How does Ebates work? It's simple. You sign up and then look for your favorite stores that you like to shop online.

Once you find the store, check the cash back column (most stores offer cash back). The percentage is what you will receive into your Ebates account from your total purchase from that store. Every quarter you will receive that cash back amount as long as you accumulate more than $5.01. If you don't have that amount, it rolls overs to the next quarterly payment.

You can get paid in a check, though paypal or even have it given away to charity. I have been using ebates for a few months and love it. It has all the stores I usually shop online and now I'm getting cash back as well.They also offer all the sales and coupons the store is offering at that moment.  It doesn't get much better!

If you really love buying online check it out. You have nothing to lose and money to earn. Happy Shopping!

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