Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cash Fan Giveaway

Hello everyone! If you aren't following me on Facebook go click "like" right away. If we can get 400 fans by November 15 I will have a cash giveaway just in time for Christmas. This is also a great way not to miss all my deals since sometimes I don't have time to post great deals here. Thanks to all!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Consignment Store Shopping

I love being able to save money on clothes for my children and they love when I can get them lots of clothes. To accomplish this, I go to consignment shops. I shop at a wonderful one not to far from my house called Kid to Kid. I've even sold them a few things I have for store credit (you get a higher percentage when you sell for store credit).

The trick to shopping consignment is getting to know the store. This particular store in my area gets a lot of known brand of clothes and shoes and they sell them at a great price. I first visited the store a few times just to look around and see what they had,  just get a basic feeling for the store. I also ask the employees for information. The most important question I always ask is when they usually get their biggest amount of inventory. They accept inventory every day of the week but they have some days that people seem to prefer to come in. They tag and place items for sale within a day so I know if I go in the next morning I have a better chance of getting items that just came in.

I also get information about special events. This store has a Halloween costume event labor day weekend and a winter coat event about three weeks later. I make sure to arrive at the store at opening time on event days. That way I have a better opportunity of getting what I'm looking for.

Today I went looking for a winter coat for my 5 year old and a couple of long sleeve shirts. I was able to get him a Land's End coat in like new condition for $15. I also got him 5 long sleeve shirts (all famous name brands) and the most expensive was $4.99. He was so excited to get "new" clothes today. As an added bonus, I browsed the girl area to see if by any chance they had any size 14 for my daughter (something that hardly ever happens). Today I was in luck!

She had told me as I left the house that her hoodie was too short on her and she really needed a new one. I had told her we could probably check online when I got back or go to some store tomorrow but when I saw a hoodie size 14-16 with the original tags still on, I grabbed it right away. It was only $6.99 and I have a happy tween, which is priceless.

Now, I will admit that I am very picky about what my kids wear. I will look for the bargains but I won't let them look like their clothes is used. So for me to buy at this store I make sure the clothes is in "like new" condition. They do an excellent job with having that kind of clothes and only a few times have I seen anything that looked used.

So if you haven't shopped on consignment, try it out. Just make sure you get to know the store and see if they have clothes, shoes, toys or accessories to your liking. Most areas have various different types of consignment stores; it's just a matter of finding the right one for you.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Swagbucks Events

If you have been following the Swagbucks page and blog this week, you know we have two teams on swagbucks and are playing to see which team wins and get 25 extra swagbucks. I'm on American Swag and we are seriously behind! So if you are on team American Swag and have not been using Swagbucks as much as you should get moving! If you're on team National Bucks, go out for a long walk or drive (just kidding)!

Other than this fun competition there are 5 Halloween collector's bills that you can collect by searching. If you get all 5 by October 31, 12AM PST you will get 13SB as a bonus. So search, search, search.

A new feature was added yesterday to SBTV. Now you can watch a complete cycle of SBTV up to 50 times per day, instead of 25, for a total of 150SB per day. Just in time for Christmas!

If you still haven't joined swagbucks now is the time because with these new competitions and features it is faster to earn enough swagbucks for your most wanted gift cards. Click here and start today.

Yankee Candle Coupon

Do you love Yankee Candles? There's a coupon right now where you buy 2 and get 2 free. Perfect for Christmas. Click here and print your coupon now.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

1 Sale A Day Flash Sale

1 Sale a Day is having a flash sale today. For those of you unfamiliar with this, they sell a new product every 30 minutes. They periodically do this for the different tabs they have. Today it is under the 1 Sale A Day tab. Don't miss out! I have gotten great deals from them. Go here and check them out.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cellfire Bonus Coupon for Shoprite Shoppers

If you use to get Shoprite coupons delivered directly to your loyalty card, there is a bonus coupon today! It can range anywhere from $0.75 - $3.00. So make sure you log on today and get your bonus coupon.

If you are not using cellfire, you can get the coupon as well if you register today.

New Savingstar Coupons

Savingstar has new coupons for Chewy Granola bars, Quaker Oatmeal, Smart Balance peanut butter and others. Head over to Savingstar now before they are gone.

If you still haven't joined Savingstar, it is made up of electronic coupons. You don't get the discount at the register, instead you get it in your savingstar account. Once you reach $5 in savings you can have it deposited to your bank, paypal or request a check. It's a great way to save without having to clip coupons. Give it a try!

Friday, October 14, 2011

At Wits End

I thought that being home would be a great way to get closer to my kids. I'm here for them in the morning. I'm here when they get home from school. When my daughter was younger she used to practically beg me to be home for her. Now I'm here and instead of her appreciating it, she sees it as my being here because of her brothers and not for her.

She thinks I'm doing it for them and doesn't see that I mainly do it for her. She says I do it because they are little and I never did it when she was younger. She actually resents me for it. When she was 4, I divorced her father and had to work if I wanted any sort of a life for her. Her father kept the house we used to live in and I had to rent an apartment for the two of us and work as hard as I could to keep her in the private school she was accustomed to so the change wouldn't be so drastic.

At that point in our lives, it wasn't possible for me to stay home. Now, my husband has a decent job and even though we could use the extra income I have stayed home. The one that benefits the most is her. Now she can be a part of all her after school activities and know that I will pick her up. I can volunteer to help at school and I'm even attending the PTO meetings. At the same time, however, I am also helping out with school things related to my Kindergartner.

Because of this, she says I only do it because he is in school now. I don't believe it would be fair to help out at her school and not help out at his if I am available. She doesn' see it that way and won't agree to disagree. She wants to bring it up all the time. She brings it up when we are discussing something else and always end up swelling a simple disagreement into a giant argument. I'm really tired of arguing with her. She really is a good girl but lately it's like someone is feeding information into her mind and she's trying to make it her reality.

I hope this phase (everyone labels it that) passes soon.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides 5 disc blu-ray

My family has movie night every Saturday night and the Pirate of the Caribbean movies are a family favorite. On October 18 the new Pirates of Caribbean movie will be available on dvd and blu-ray. The one guilty pleasure we always buy are dvds and blu-rays. We collect them and have way over 500. So, it is awesome whenever I can get a coupon to buy a movie. In this case it's $5 off the 5 disc blu-ray combo pack which includes a DVD and Digital Copy. So if you are a movie collector as well or just love a good deal print your coupon here.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Shopping for Christmas Gifts

As Christmas approaches, I look at every sale I can possibly think of. I compare prices in store and on line. I also keep all receipts. I have been known to buy something at a great price and then walk into a store and find an unadvertised sale where the product is much less, and run back to the previous store to return my purchase. I also use Amazon a lot.

If you use Swagbucks you know those swagbucks accumulate quickly to obtain those $5 Amazon gift cards. If you are not using Swagbucks, you still have time to join and get a good amount of gift cards accumulated for Christmas. Just click here and check it out.

Like I was saying, I love to use Amazon. I go through and look for the items I am interested in. If I find something at a really great price, I buy it right away. If I see something that I think I could find at a better price, I add it to my cart and then save it for later. The great thing about doing this is that any time you go back to Amazon and check your cart, everything you saved for later appears underneath your cart. If anything has increased or decreased in price it will appear across the top of the page. It's a wonderful way to keep track of those continuous changing prices on Amazon.

Another thing I like to do is look for toys where you normally wouldn't. I love looking for toys at supermarkets. Last year my local Shoprite had Sing-a-ma-Jigs for $6. We got them in every color for my son. He loved them! This year they have the Let's Rock Elmo for $49.99.

For clothes I like to wait until the Black Friday deals come out. Most of the time, that Saturday after Black Friday or that same Friday in the afternoon a lot stores have great sales. That whole weekend is great for sales and the wonderful thing now is that most of these sales you can get online. So if you don't like the crowds, you can shop from the comfort of your home. I, however, love the crowds. To me it's all part of the fun of Christmas shopping.

If you have any great tips for saving money on Christmas gifts please leave your comments below. Also, if there is something you are really looking for and can't seem to find a good price leave a comment below or on my facebook page and I will do my best to find the best deal possible. Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

No More Rack

No More Rack sells famous brand products at great discount prices. If you haven't looked into this site head over and check them out. The sales last 1 day and start at noon. They have lots of great products and are great for buying those Christmas gifts we all want to find at wonderful prices.

They also have a friendrack where you can get great products for free depending on how many friends sign up. New products are constantly being added to friendrack. Your friends don't even have to make a purchase, just sign up. If you sign up through this link you will help me get free products that I can use in my giveaways as well. So click here and check them out today.