Friday, October 28, 2011

Swagbucks Events

If you have been following the Swagbucks page and blog this week, you know we have two teams on swagbucks and are playing to see which team wins and get 25 extra swagbucks. I'm on American Swag and we are seriously behind! So if you are on team American Swag and have not been using Swagbucks as much as you should get moving! If you're on team National Bucks, go out for a long walk or drive (just kidding)!

Other than this fun competition there are 5 Halloween collector's bills that you can collect by searching. If you get all 5 by October 31, 12AM PST you will get 13SB as a bonus. So search, search, search.

A new feature was added yesterday to SBTV. Now you can watch a complete cycle of SBTV up to 50 times per day, instead of 25, for a total of 150SB per day. Just in time for Christmas!

If you still haven't joined swagbucks now is the time because with these new competitions and features it is faster to earn enough swagbucks for your most wanted gift cards. Click here and start today.

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