Monday, August 15, 2011

Are your kids too attached to you?

My youngest son just turned two and over this past month he has become super attached to me. I used to be able to leave and if my husband was here he would say bye-bye and keep playing. The same would happen if it was my husband that was leaving.

The past few weeks, however, I have noticed a big change. It started with little things. He wouldn't want to sleep unless I sat beside him. The he wouldn't sleep without holding my hand. Then this weekend, he saw me getting dressed and rushed to get clothes. I told him he was staying with daddy while I went out to get some shopping done. He said his usual OK, but still insisted that I dress him.

He then went on to play with his toys. Everything was fine, until it came time for me to leave. I didn't realize he was watching my every move and as soon as I grabbed my purse, he bolted for the door. My husband called him and he wouldn't budge. Then he cam and picked him up to remove him from the door and the screaming and arm flapping began. All I could hear as I walked out the door was "Mama, Mama, Maaaaaama!"

I quickly got in the car and drove away. I knew if I didn't get in and drive away I would turn around and go back in to try and quiet him down (I know, he has me wrapped around his little finger). This had never happened before so I found his behavior a bit odd. In fact none of my children have ever been attached to either of us.

When I returned home, he was sleeping and my husband told me he cried until he fell asleep. When he woke up and saw me he hugged me and gave me a big smile. For the rest of the weekend he followed me everywhere. I know it's normal for kids to get attached to their parents and they go through phases, but this is new for me since none of my other children went through it. Of course, I was never home all day with my other children either.

I'm sure this is just a phase that will soon pass and I don't leave the house on my own too often but it breaks my heart to hear him cry for me that way. I know I can't let that feeling take over and just take him with me everywhere, but a little part of me wishes I could. They grow up so fast and I know soon he won't want me near him so I just want to cherish that now he doesn't want me far away. I guess it's all part of getting used to this new phase of my life and not allowing him to take over.

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