Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Joys of Celebrating Birthdays

Today was my baby boy's birthday. He is now entering the terrible twos, though to be honest he is advanced for his age and entered this phase about 6 months ago! Does that mean he will exit them faster? (Wishful thinking!)

As a working mom, I never really had time to enjoy a full day of my child's birthday unless it was during the weekend. Being home allows me to have those special moments. Today I took him and his brother to the park and then to eat. (Of course I used coupons for the food!) I was able to enjoy a full day of his birthday.

My husband picked up a small cake on his way home from work and we sang to him this evening. He had so much fun and the best part is that I was there for all of it. We are having a big celebration for him with family and friends and combining it with my daughter's birthday next month, but to me this was the best celebration.

I know he won't remember either celebration, but I will and I will have wonderful stories to tell him about the day we celebrated his second birthday.

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