Saturday, August 20, 2011

Supermarket Trip without Coupons

Yes! You read the title correctly. I made a trip to the supermarket without any coupons. Even though most supermarkets have done a good job of stocking up their international aisles, being from Puerto Rico, there are still many things I can only find in certain supermarkets. I usually plan my shopping trips so I buy everything at the supermarkets that accept coupons and the unusual items at the smaller Hispanic markets, that don't accept coupons.

Today, however, I bought everything at Supremo. This is a supermarket that recently re-opened in the area and has lots of things from Puerto Rico and other Caribbean and Latin American countries. They were having what they call their 88 sale.  Most items in the store were $0.88 and some were $8.88. Among the things I bought were $0.88 cans of Goya pigeon peas, 2 fresh whole chickens at $0.88/lb, pork loin chops $0.88/lb, green peppers $0.88/lb, a dozen eggs for $0.88 and all my other food and seasonings for a total of $64.46. First time I have ever been to a supermarket for all my shopping needs and spent this amount without any coupons.

So you see, if you take advantage of sales, you don't always need coupons to meet your shopping needs.

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