Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Swagbucks - What is it and Should I Join?

Today I will be taking a moment to talk to you about Swagbucks. If you have been following me on facebook (and if you haven't, you definitely should), you have seen my posts about winning swagbucks. What is this? Well, it's this wonderful place that gives you swagbucks for things like searching the web, participating in the daily poll, inviting friends to join, using the No Obligation Special Offers (NOSO), participating in surveys and even gives you swagcodes to earn swagbucks if you find them before they expire.

The great thing about this site is that every Friday they have Mega Swagbuck Fridays. On this particular day you can earn more swagbucks for each search you perform. So what are these swagbucks good for? Well with 450 swagbucks you can get a $5 gift card for Amazon. With 700 swagbucks you can get $5 from paypal. They have lots of other gift cards and items that swagbucks can be traded for. If you're an Amazon Christmas shopper this is definitely the site for you. With little effort you can get Amazon gift cards and get all your shopping done.

Should you join? Definitely! Also, for every referal you get you get 100% match up to 100 swagbucks. They also do Swagbucks Extravaganzas, that's a full day of swagcodes so you can earn more swagbucks. If you are a couponer, you can even get 10 swagbucks for every coupon you redeem printed off of their page. So, you have nothing to lose and lots to gain! Get started right away!

BTW, here are some hints to earn swagbucks every day:
 Under the Earn tab:

Daily Poll: 1 swagbuck for answering
NOSO: Skip through all the offers and earn 2 swagbucks at the end
Trusted Survey: You earn the amount stated by the survey, but if you don't qualify you get 1 survey for trying (up to 5 of these points per day).
Search: Earn swagbucks for searching. Sometimes you have to search 3 or 4 times before you receive one but you will get one. I personally do searches 3 times a day (morning, mid-day and evening). Usually you won't get swagbucks more than 3 times for searching.
Swagbucks TV: For every 10 videos you watch you get 3 swagbucks and you can repeat the process 50 times a day for a total of 150 swagbucks from swagbucks TV per day. I usually play them in the background while I am on other pages doing my daily activities.

I hope all this helps! Feel free to contact me with any questions. Hurry and join here and let the fun begin!

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