Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hot Toys

I know Christmas is still a few months away, but once school starts it seems the calendar goes fast forward ans before we know it Christmas arrives. I guess it's because the back to school excitement wears off and soon kids are looking forward to some days off.

I understand them completely because I'm a hands on mom. I help with homework and projects. I verify all papers that are sent home. I keep a calendar in a visible place to let them know what tests they have each week and what assignments are coming up. I go to school functions and too many other things to mention. So by the time vacation time rolls around, I'm as tired as they are.

That makes it difficult to find time as well to go Christmas shopping, so I start my shopping early. I mean with 3 kids and 3 step-children I have my work cut out for me anyway. After a few years of shopping early and then having my kids tell me at the last minute they wanted the hottest toy that is no longer available; I decided to do a little search for help. I found this great site that helps me keep track of the hottest toys.

It has been spot on for the past two years. Telling me about the hard to find zhu zhu pets and last year's Dance Mickey, Lalaloopsy and others. What I love about this site is that it takes four retailers (Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Ebay) and let's you know if the toys are still available at that store. What I don't like is it doesn't compare prices. But it's a great site to find the hottest toys and know which of these retailers still has them available. I do believe however that they report availability by what is online at Walmart and Target. You can however, sometimes search online to see if they are available in store. Though I will give you an heads up, their system to tell you store inventory is usually not updated.

I don't have to wait to the last minute though to find out if my kids want the hottest toys. I search the sight and ask them if they've heard of certain toys. Sometimes they say no and I know that means they don't want it. Other times their face will light up and they get all excited talking about the toy. I know that's the toy I have to be on the lookout for. I have the site bookmarked and suggest you should too. Just click here and take a look!

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